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Citizenship & ESG

Tress Capital views a commitment to citizenship and the highest standards of business practices and ethics as foundational.  We believe that incorporating environmental, social and corporate governance considerations into our business decisions can be important to creating value for our stakeholders and to developing increased sustainability. 

Some of the Non-Profit Organizations We've Supported:

Tomchei Shabbos
Tomchei Shabbos Yad Yeshaya of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway provides food to 285 families in our founders' neighborhood. 

Tomchei’s recipients include single-parent homes and families dealing with unemployment, under-employment and medical issues.

All food packaging and distribution is done by volunteers. 95% of all donations go to providing food to our neighbors.
The mission of FACES is to improve the quality of life for all those affected by epilepsy and seizures. 

FACES is affiliated with NYU Langone Medical Center and its Comprehensive Epilepsy Center. FACES funds research to improve epilepsy care, advances new therapies, and fosters a supportive community for children, families and caregivers who live with the challenges of epilepsy. 

Since 1969, OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services has served as a dependable haven of individual and family support, helping people of all ages effectively manage disability, surmount everyday challenges, heal from trauma, promote physical and emotional wellbeing, and manage with strength and dignity during times of crisis. 

Through highly-rated foster care, developmental disability, mental health, medical wellness and other programs and services, OHEL provides supportive housing, treatment, care coordination, education, outreach and much more to elevate lives and strengthen individuals and communities in New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, Florida, California and worldwide on the web.


Tress Capital is committed to ensuring that its business is environmentally responsible, energy efficient and puts its best efforts to achieve continuous improvements.


Social - Citizenship

Externally we have focused on children, disadvantaged groups, and cancer research or support organizations. Firm principals participate in community service activities. Internally, we seek to ensure proper labor and working conditions, to safeguard the health and safety of the employees and to stand behind and contribute to the social development of the communities in which we operate.


Governance & Transparency

We very strongly believe in and promote honesty, integrity, fairness and respect in business dealings. The firm encourages a culture that values truth, meritocracy, openness, fairness and transparency. 


Tress is committed to making every effort to meet or exceed stakeholders’ expectations, facilitate their access to information and provide them with clear and transparent information. The firm maintains ongoing development of governance and compliance policies.

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